The River's Mission

As we see our ministry unfold in the South Bay, our deep desire and passion as a couple is to form a community of Christ followers who join together weekly, welcoming friends and family in the discussion about God and spiritual life. We also desire our community to be  fully integrated into their own families, neighborhood, sport teams, business, workplace, and social clubs and activities where we naturally find ourselves already connected. This church community will be a church that honors and loves God, each other, and the community and world.

We and the rest of our church desires to be available for people in the community who need help in their marriages, raising kids, and spiritual development.

We specifically want to help introduce Jesus to people in our community and help them follow after Him with all their heart, soul, and mind.

We have joined with a group of families who desire to be externally focused on the needs of our community and world, showing the love of Jesus through our actions. We desire to train and disciple followers of Jesus in their call to ministry in the South Bay and the world.