Moms of Infants

Currently on break for the summer.

Calling all new Moms with infants!  Kerry Nelson invites you to "Tea Time for Moms of Infants" monthly on Wednesday morning.  Bring your babies and any newborn, new mom or breast feeding issues.  As an RN and a lactation educator, Kerry would love to be a support person for you.  Let's talk about what's on your heart!


Moms Day Out - 1st Wednesday of the month 

Moms of infants can drop off their kids from 9:30am-12pm  at the Nelson home.  There will be a 1:1 ratio of babysitters to child so please RSVP to Kerry at 310-809-3472 if you'd like to drop your child off on this day.

Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for some mom time and sharing your life with us. I am a Registered Nurse specializing in new baby care and am a Certified Lactation Educator. Being a new mom can be lonely, as it's demanding (living on precious little sleep) and every need is foreign territory.  My joy is to be a cheerleader for you and I would love to encourage and give you some well- worn tips that can help you...Kerry