Sermons 2014


Getting The Good Book: The New Testament In 3 Months

We will walk through all the books of the new testament in three months time leading up to Easter

Message 2014-Apr-06 SERIES Message 2014-Apr-06

Grace That Endeavors by Jazz Thompson

Message 2014-Mar-30 SERIES Message 2014-Mar-30

A revelation of Revelation by Matt Engle

Message 2014-Mar-23 SERIES Message 2014-Mar-23

A Race Well Run by James Petitfils

Message 2014-Mar-16 SERIES Message 2014-Mar-16

Church At It's Best by James Petitfils

Message 2014-Mar-09 SERIES Message 2014-Mar-09

The God of Second Chances by Jazz Thompson

Message 2014-Mar-02 SERIES Message 2014-Mar-02

The Beloved - Who We Are In Christ by Janie Calvert

Message 2014-Feb-23 SERIES Message 2014-Feb-23

Fighting For Unity by Matt Engle

Message 2014-Feb-16 SERIES Message 2014-Feb-16

Perfect Church, Hip Church, Their Church, Your Church by James Petitfils…

Message 2014-Feb-09 SERIES Message 2014-Feb-09

John Is All About Love by Jazz Thompson

Message 2014-Feb-02 SERIES Message 2014-Feb-02

Book of Romans by James Petitfils

Message 2014-Jan-26 SERIES Message 2014-Jan-26

Living In The Kingdom by Matt Engle

Message 2014-Jan-19 SERIES Message 2014-Jan-19

Mark & Matthew: The Fuss About Jesus by James Petitfils

Message 2014-Jan-12 SERIES Message 2014-Jan-12

Getting The Good Book: 3 Non-Exhaustive Reasons Why You Should by James…

Message 2014-Jan-05 SERIES Message 2014-Jan-05

Three Helpful Tips To Seeking God's Kingdom In @014