Sermons 2014



Sadly, we have made the resurrection a yearly celebration, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s so much more. Even more than Christmas, Jesus' resurrection brings new life now and has a tremendous amount of meaning to how we live our lives now, not in the future. We plan to explore both the Old Testament teachings concerning the kingdom of God and a coming messianic figure to usher in God’s kingdom at some time in history and how Jesus proclaims to be that individual and what He said and did to establish God’s kingdom on earth. Remember the phrase in the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? Well, that’s Jesus telling us to pray that God’s kingdom would come to earth through Jesus who imparted the life in us! It’s our role to live it.

How To Be A Kingdom Christian SERIES How To Be A Kingdom Christian

Three practical ways how Jesus invites us to be kingdom believers living…

All Set Right SERIES All Set Right

How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, now over 2000 years ago effect…

Kingdom Come SERIES Kingdom Come

The tomb is empty; the value of bodily human existence has been affirmed…

The Mystery Revealed SERIES The Mystery Revealed

What did Jesus live for? (Why did Jesus come to earth? Why did the Gospel…

Not Until It's Time SERIES Not Until It's Time

The kingdom of God in the Old Testament

Living The Resurrected Life Now, Not Later SERIES Living The Resurrected Life Now, Not Later

Misconceptions about the Resurrection