Sermons 2015


Exceeding Joy

Every year my neighbors who live above me decorate with Christmas with lights and two ginormous signs. The neighbor on the left, his sign reads LOVE. The neighbor on the right, JOY. That about sums it up right? God’s love invades the world through His son and we experience joy. In Luke 2:10 it’s not just joy, it’s mega joy. That’s what the writer intended us to understand. God sends pure love, Jesus and we get mega joy in return. I wonder if that’s what you need this Christmas season, God’s love that brings joy. By the way, joy lasts longer than happiness because it’s the real thing.

(Dec 13) Exceeding Joy - Part I Series (Dec 13) Exceeding Joy - Part I

Exceeding Joy. That’s what Jesus brings us. Exceeding means to go beyond.…