Sermons 2017

It's A Glorious Season!

Dec. 10 - It’s A Glorious Season! Luke 1:26-56 - Mary: the mother of my Lord

It’s a glorious season! Emmanuel, our God is with us now. This changes everything. Everything! Mary, resident of backwater Nazareth, probably 12 or 13 years old, was absolutely not ready for the completely insane announcement from the angel Gabriel. Seriously, she was the most unlikely candidate for God’s decision to birth himself into our salvation history and redeem the world. She was a young girl, a virgin, a nobody, no social status, no resources, from nowhere, without clout, nothing without a faithful husband, inexperienced, and more. How will she respond to the announcement that God has chosen her to receive the Son of God as her child, to carry this precious baby to term in her womb? Nothing of this news would make sense in any way at all. Mary struggles, surrenders, and sings the most revolutionary lyrics that have ever passed through human lips. No matter how glorious or inglorious this season is for you, Mary can bring hope, solace, inspiration, and direction for these days of joy, confusion, upheaval, mercy, frustration, and anticipation for you, our church, and our waiting world. Come Sunday and let’s learn from Mary, the mother of our Lord. Her story is found in Luke 1:26-56, a really good read. If you understand Mary, you will get a bigger picture of God.

A big fan of Christmas,