Sermons 2017

It's A Glorious Season!

Dec. 17 - It's A Glorious Season! Luke 2:1-20 - Shepherds and Emperors

The birth of Jesus could not have been more common - an animal feeding trough as incubator. The news of his arrival could not have been revealed to more simple people - shepherds, keeping watch over their flocks at night. Yet angels peal back the curtains of heaven declaring what God thinks of this unique delivery. It is called "good news," the evangel, the gospel. Author Luke intentionally sets Jesus' birth in the social, political, and religious context of the
Emperor Caesar Augustus - presumed to be the most powerful person in the world. Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Lights, family gatherings, carols, shopping [ok, that is not so wonderful], and hot coco fill our minds and hearts with warmth and memories. But the birth of Jesus - called a Savior, the Anointed, the Lord - is God's declaration that he is taking his world back for good. And his initiative requires our response. The shepherds will be our guide. Read Luke 2:1-20 and join Mary is some pondering.