Sermons 2018

I Peter - Victory

June 3 Overview - From Aliens to Royalty

I Peter is about living a victorious Christian life even in the midst of trials and suffering. Rather than being discouraged and sidelined by hardship, Peter encourages us to grow from our trials, long for the pure milk of God's word, live in a harmonious way with all fellow believers, honor our governing authorities, guard yourself from the fleshly lustful living, serve in our giftedness, and stand firm against spiritual attack. Live out the victory which is ours in Jesus. That's Peter's message to us today. Defeat is not an option. Live victorious in Christ. Peter calls us aliens and strangers, socially disenfranchised in this world, yet with a rich new identity in Christ as a holy nation, a royal priesthood. Our new identity in Christ is what we lean into even in the midst of suffering and trials to live out this victory in Christ. This letter of Peter's is a fresh voice calling us to walk in the ways of Christ. Its not easy to live this out. In fact its downright difficult. But its possible and more rewarding than the alternative. And that my friends, is why we follow Peter's lead.


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