receive care

If you're interested in receiving care or referring someone who you believe would benefit from LifeCare, please reach out to Suzanne Durnell at 310-462-4906,, or

What is River LifeCare?

  • A confidential outreach that provides one-on-one emotional and spiritual support to help people work through their challenges and adversities, no matter how big or how small.
  • An expression of God's love and healing hope that turns adversity into opportunity.

Who We Are:

  • We are volunteers who have been trained by Stephen Ministries to meet with you regularly and are committed to  preserving the confidential nature of the caring relationship.
  • We are passionate about loving and caring for all people.

River LifeCare supports and cares for individuals and families:

  • Feeling sadness and loneliness
  • Experiencing the anxieties of parenting or an 'empty nest'
  • Who are hospitalized
  • Facing serious or terminal illness
  • Grieving due to a death or other loss
  • Experiencing spiritual crisis
  • Separated or divorced
  • Facing a difficult life transition
  • Challenged by a job loss, business or financial crisis
  • Needing the support of a caring Christian friend

... and more.