We've divided this experience into these four biblical values, LOVE GOD, ENJOY PEOPLE, PLAY YOUR PART, AND SHARE THE STORY. Each biblical value has 3 corresponding spiritual practices, that each have a Podcast, Worksheet, and Sermon that you can access below

We invite each of you to join with us, as we grow our trust in Jesus, and step into the most fulfilling journey of your life,  The Art of Following Jesus. 

As you step into the journey of the Art of Following Jesus, you are invited to do this in an apprentice relationship. Jesus is our example, as He invites His disciples to come along with Him in life - learning and experiencing His Words and Ways together. (John 1:39, Matthew 4:19) 

We've laid out some steps to help guide you along the journey:

1. Find your Apprentice: Pray about who God might have you walk alongside of the next 12 weeks--find your person or people and set times to regularly meet.

2. Pick a Practice: You can journey along in any order you'd like with whichever practice you'd like to start with first. Once you've chosen the practice, utilize the resources to dive in. (Sermon, podcast, worksheet.)

3. Take a Swim: Choose one of the three challenges that will stretch you the most. Here's what we recommend for each swim and if you're visual, click here for James' EXCELLENT video to help:

  1. Quick Dip - Listen to the podcast
  2. Buoy Swim - Podcast + the worksheet
  3. Pier to Pier - Podcast + worksheet + an additional resource

Click the GRAPHIC for each PRACTICE for a more in depth look. 

For quick access, click on the hyperlinked resources below.