We have divided this experience into four biblical values: LOVE, ENJOY, PLAY, and SHARE.  The Sunday sermons, audio clips, practical resources and study guides will help you further engage with some basic steps to take on this pathway with Jesus.  We invite each of you to join with us,  as we grow our trust in Jesus, and step into the most fulfilling journey of your life,  The Art of Following Jesus.

As you step into the journey of the Art of Following Jesus, you are invited to do this in an apprentice relationship. Jesus is our example, as He invites His disciples to come along with Him in life - learning and experiencing His words and ways together. (John 1:39, Matthew 4:19) Below are some steps to get you started along your journey.

  • Find your Apprentice: pray about who God might have you walk alongside for the next 12 weeks--find your person or people and set a time to meet. 

  • Words & Ways: 

    • Choose a practice: The sermons will highlight  the words & ways of Jesus.  Also available below is a short podcast and worksheet with additional insights to the sermon topic.

    • Take a swim: Choose one of the three challenges that stretch you to grow--the quick dip, the buoy swim, or the pier to pier (listed on the sermon video).