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I Corinthians: A Beautiful kind of Broken

I Corinthians is a beautifully written letter from the Apostle Paul to the believers living in the city of Corinth, a lively seaport filled with various religions, cultures and practices. Paul calls the church, and each new believer in Corinth a beautiful kind of broken. We are once broken people now beautifully restored to be members of a new community of followers of Christ. Jesus has dusted us off, glued us back together and reinstated us as useable in the grand work of God in culture and society. For many of us, it’s a strange concept to actually believe our bodies are part of our spiritual lives. What do they have to do with one another? Jesus came not to just yank your renewed and redeemed soul to heaven when you die but bring a beauty to your broken down body that has been given new life and purpose awaiting its final redemption. So this life matters in how we live and conduct ourselves not only in the context of the church but also the world. It’s a beautiful thing to see you and us together living extraordinary lives. A beautiful kind of broken is you, and is us together.


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