Cathy Pluimer

Tell us about your family.

I would say that we have one heroic man surrounded by a lot of females--even the dog is a girl! Kevin & I have 5 daughters, Annie (26 in NYC), Abby (23 in NYC), Kit (21 at USF), Lucy (19 at UCLA) and Charlotte (15 at PVHS). Our happiest times are when we can be together as there is tons of laughter, story telling, love for adventure and bickering (to be real). 

Describe your job here at The River.

I am the Children's Ministry Director. My passion is to grow kids and their families in their relationship with Jesus in a fun and memorable way. That the seeds that are planted when they are young will grow in their hearts for a lifetime, and as a result pour out into our community and our world.

What is your favorite place to eat?

Locale 90 -- love the white bean & tuna salad!