High School Ministry

"Immediately, when the entire crowd saw Him, they were amazed and began running up to greet Him."

Mark 9:15

Who We Are

RuSH is a community of high school students who are seeking to follow Jesus together.

As Mark 9:15 describes above, we are excited to generate students who are "rushing" towards Jesus. RuSH - Because we are rushing towards God's grace in Jesus. The "u" is lowercase because we personally (you/yourself) are incredibly small in comparison to God's love and grace.

Come and explore what discipleship to Jesus looks like in high school! We have games, snacks, and messages that orient ourselves to Christ.

When We Meet

Hume Lake 2024
Let's be thinking about and praying for our campers as they are at Hume Lake July 28th - August 3rd. We can't wait to see what God does and how he moves in their lives!

RuSH Summer Schedule:
July 3 - Beach Day
July 10 - River House Hangout
July 17 - Beach Day (with other local churches)
July 24 - River House Hangout
July 31 - Hume Lake!
August 21 - Last hang before school!

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